Jbak Keyboard
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0.96, 25.10.2012

(!) Fixed sensor bugs
(+) Volume keys can be used for cursor movement (see Other settings)
(*) Sound setting not dependent from system sound setting.

0.95, 23.10.2012

(+) Autocompletions and autocorrections support. You need load vocabularies in language settings of keyboard.
(+) Autocompletions panel
(*) Modified preview of pressed keys
(!) Fixes for full-screen editors
(*) Sensor speed-up
(*) Many little fixes

0.94, 03.03.2012

(+) Number keyboard for editing phone numbers and other number fields
(*) Better redraw on change case and switching keyboard
(*) Smoother gestures
(+) Setting vibro for repeat keys
(*) Long-press delay can be less, than standard 500 ms
(*) Keys in main menu, keyboard, templates now vibrates depends vibro settings
(!) Bug with key BACK after using fullscreen editor
(!) Crash on call font settings, if keyboard not runned
(!) Problems with case changing on some models
(!) Fixed crashes by users crash reports

0.93, 10.02.2012

(+) Gestures support
(+) Backup/restore settings
(+) Added swedish language
(+) Setting for vibration - can vibrate on press or on release.
(+) Settings for vibrations intervals
(+) Settings for long-press and repeat intervals
(+) Longtap on clipboard item opens preview, where you can delete record
(+) Button for multiclipboard for clearing all items
(*) Autochange case - now checks on each cursor movement
(+) Key preview show symbols for long-press
(*) Font sizes and key heights sets in percent from screen - for inerchange between various devices

0.92, 22.01.2012

(+) Supports custom keyboard in xml. Details on oficial site: http://jbak.ru/jbakkeyboard
(+) Added new languages: French, Deutch, Italian
(+) Added new keyboards for each language with bigger keys
(+) New keyboard for symbols, with edittext commands
(+) Setting for interval of vibro
(+) Setting for multiclipboard size
(+) Graphics optimizations

With best regards,
Juriy Bakunin aka JBAK