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Hello! My name is Juriy Bakunin. Some time ago I was a Symbian programmer. But now I move to Android.

On this web-site you can download my free application for android - Jbak keyboard. This is tiny, fast and powerfull soft keyboard

Jbak Keyboard, Android,
version 1.2.146

My old free applications for Symbian still avaliable for download. But I haven't time and desire to work for Symbian.

Latest version Jbak Taskman is Jbak TaskMan - 1.41. Main feature of this version - is integrated two-panel file-manager. Now you can add file-system folders into quick launch.
This is first version, which works on OS Symbian ^3 (Nokia N8, C7 etc.)

Jbak TaskMan, Symbian 9.x, 344 Kb
Version 1.41

Also you can download another applications:

Jbak TaskMan 1.0

Symbian 9.x, 208 Kb
v.1.0, Symian signed
Symbian 6-7-8, 162 Kb
ver. for old platforms

Text Editor
DEdit 0.76

Symbian 9.x, 125 Kb
test unsigned version
Symbian 6-7-8, 146 Kb
test unsigned version

ThePencil 1.07

Symbian 9.x, unsigned, 19 Kb
Version 1.07
With best regards,
Juriy Bakunin aka JBAK