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This is powerful text editor for series 60

DEdit is first in world true multitask application for Series 60. You can use it for editing multiple text files, and system create new instance of program for each file.

Also DEdit can:
- Remember last editing position in each text-file, that you edit;
- Remember user-defined positions in file (e.g. bookmarks)
- Use many encodings, ascii and unicode
- Supports editing of big files (several megabytes or even more)
- Easy-to-use one-hand hotkeys

Symbian for all OS, 0.76 R12

Symbian 6-7-8, 146 Kb

Symbian 9, 125 Kb

Symbian for all OS, 0.76 R12

Symbian 6-7-8, 146 Kb
Symbian 9, 125 Kb

[!] Hotkeys work again
[+] Search in History (a la Bookmarks)

Symbian 9, 125 Kb

0.76 R10 24.04.2009


* slightly modified menu structure
* Tool "Bookmarks" Now equipped with a search
+ unique tool: UNDO|REDO
+ Added regular expressions to work with files. Also an opportunity to edit the template and create folders directly inside the program
[!] Attention! After you install this version without fail, those who use jbaktaskman and dedit label located in the Quick Launch toolbar - remove the label and re-add!

Symbian 9, 124 Kb

0.76 R5 01.03.2009

* Strong shifts in the menu
* dialogue of acknowledgement of replacement
* In the menu Is changed possibilities - Fullscreen mode are added and to open in the coding - earlier well only on hotkeys
+ to Open a new file in a new window
+ Templates it was possible to create directly in the program
+ Digital navigation under the menu
+ New variables in templates:
-> $clipboard - the text from the buffer
-> $filename - a name of a file with expansion
-> $filepath - a way to a file without a name
-> $filetitle - a name of a file without expansion
-> $fileext - file expansion, with a point

Version 0.76 14.10.2008

* Changes in PageUp/PageDown
+ Text templates
! Setting fullscreen/normal (g4) not save correctly
! Titles of softkey's don't updates after changing their functions in settings.
! In fullscreen - bug with changing resolution

Symbian 9.x,
Official version 0.76
Symbian 6-7-8,
Official version 0.76

Official version 0.75

Symbian 9.x,
Version 0.75
Symbian 6-7-8,
Version 0.75


manual, 15 Kb
update 11.03.2009


history, 10 Kb
update 11.03.2009

With best regards,
Juriy Bakunin aka JBAK