Letter for users
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Support other devices

Often enough asked questions:

- On my model the program is not started at all
- On my model such choice does not work
- On my model it is very ugly displayed there and there.

At the moment of writing of this text Nokia has released almost 5 ten devices on platform Symbian 9.x. These devices among themselves can differ very strongly - there are various non-standard permissions of screens, there can be no various keys, and more many other differences.

For own tests it is used Nokia e90 and since recent time - Nokia N73. On all other - operation of programs is not guaranteed in any way, but as a whole - it is expected that everything, or nearly so all will work and on similar devices. It not always so.

Sometimes it is possible to guess telepathic path specific problems of other devices - in those cases if is available competent багрепорт and attempts of the user to understand a problem. In especially hard cases of a problem and remain unsolved.

Certainly that messages like: "on Nokia XX program falls" - it is possible to ignore only, or to answer them - "has not carried to you". Bugs "the program does not work" are not treated even in Microsoft.

With best regards,
Juriy Bakunin aka JBAK